As a Reggio inspired environment, we value the children's ability to take part in the learning process. Our classroom structure will serve as the third teacher. The Aleph Academy™ is a specialized program designed to provide a learning environment rich with meaningful exposure to language, socialization and exploration.  The goal is to provide active learning opportunities within a variety of educational situations allowing children to grow and develop at their own individual pace.

Play is a child’s work, and with this Reggio philosophy, your child’s play can be gently manipulated to engage in more developmentally appropriate play-themes and higher level conceptual skills.  In turn, this will help to facilitate more developmentally appropriate language skills and social interactions with peers. While following your child’s lead to maintain high interest in an activity, we can introduce new skills and concepts. This is based on the belief that children learn more readily when learning is associated with strong emotions.  In the classroom, our goal is to make sure those emotions are positive with the intent of stimulating as much interest in learning as possible. It is important to remember that there are learning and language opportunities everywhere!

In addition to play based inquiry, books are an integral part of a child's learning. A literacy themed program grounds its philosophy in the merits of books and the ideas they present.  These themes are then incorporated into various activities which help to build specific units and a curriculum rich with ideas and possibilities.  It is within these books that children can learn about the world and their surrounding environment, acquiring information and concepts through the meaningful activities provided.  The amount of material and innovative curriculum that can come from a single book is astounding.  From making the story come alive (dramatic play, social and expressive language), to art projects (parts to whole and beginning, middle and end) to dance and music (gross motor and listening skills), to sensory (touching and feeling -- whole body awareness) and cooking activities (following rules and sensory exploration)… the list is endless!