9:00 AM: Arrival (coats and backpacks in cubbies, notebooks into the box)

Free play time and one to one table top work (puzzles, game, dramatic play, block construction etc.)

9:45 AM: Clean up and transition to circle time

9:55 AM: Get wiggles out before circle time

10:00 AM: Circle time  (Hello friends, Tefillah - prayer songs, calendar, language and finger plays)

10:25 AM: Transition to potty and wash for snack

10:30 AM: Snack 

10:50 AM: Transition to coats or gross motor area

11:00 AM: Gross motor (Outside playground, indoor gym, or a walking adventure)

11:30 AM: Rotation time (Constructive project incorporating theme and unit / specialties i.e. library, music and movement, yoga etc)

11:50 AM: Transition to potty and wash for lunch

11:55 AM: Lunch

12:15 PM: Clean up and goodbye circle (Pack backpacks, farewell songs and story)

12:30 PM: Dismissal